Characteristics of A Good SEO Specialist

Characteristics of A Good SEO Specialist So what should you look out for?

1. Years of SEO Experience
Anyone can set up an ‘SEO agency’ and claim expertise on the field, but that does not mean that they know what they’re doing.

Each unique website requires different SEO tactics to succeed – it is not a one size fit all methodology. A qualified, experienced SEO expert will review the client’s site, assess his business goals and targeted visitors and then come up with tailored strategies to ramp up search engine traffic. Someone with less SEO experience will attempt to apply the same tactics on every site. Such a cookie cutter method will lead to very limited improvement.

2. Marketing tactics

Beyond the technical nitty gritties of a website, SEO operates much like traditional marketing. Content needs to be weaved in a way that highlights the benefit to the user and eventually egging them to a sale. All of that has to be manufactured in a way such that it also appeals to those at the other end of a search engine who are looking for what it is they want – and that’s the cue for your website to offer exactly that.

3. Being able to understand and/or grasp the Bigger Picture

The SEO strategies should be focused with converting a visitor of the site into a customer, rather than achieving a certain search engine ranking.